What do I do when I am not writing?

That is a good question I have been writing so much lately I almost forgot what I love to do to UNWIND.

I LOVE TO READ. A really good book, puts me in a fantasy world that I can be a part of and relax.

I LOVE TO SEW. I like cross stitching at work during our down time.I love watching something slowly materialize on the fabric. It is like a puzzle but for sewing.

I LOVE MOVIES. I Love watching a good love story that brings tears to my eyes, or a good action flick, I feel as though I am right there in the middle of the action. That also goes for tv shows as well.

WHAT DO I NEED IN MY DAY TO DAY LIFE TO MAINTAIN BALANCE. Well that is the one thing I am still working on. Here lately I feel like there is not enough hours in the day for all the stuff I have to do. Never mind the things I want to do. If I ever get to UNWIND. Maybe I will watch a movie tonight.


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