My family is the number one thing that makes my house a home. Without them I would just be some lady living alone with my cat. (And that’s never a good sign). They are the reason I get up  in the morning and in my prayers when I go to sleep at night.

Now I am not into stuff, but the number two reason is, my stuff the taste and decorative skills make it mine. A house is an open canvas until you add your specific taste and personal touches.

Food is the number three reason my house is made a home. I don’t cook as much as I used to, but when I do the smell of all the different food coming together, makes it smell like home. All the love I  put into the cooking for my family, you can smell throughout the house.

Movie night! Number four would be, you guessed it MOVIE NIGHT! A night all of us watch a movie together. I feel close to my kids on movie night. Sometimes I will put on an older movie to see if they have the same reaction I did to the movie at their age.

Memories. The memories I have shared with my husband and my children in the house are what connects us. When I am old and grey, those memories will be carried with me. No one can take the memories I have had in  my home away from me. They will live on forever. When everything else fades away those memories will be there. That is why Memories is number five, Priceless.

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