What is the one thing that drives you to wake up in the morning and do whatever it is you do? Is it writing, family, friends, or something else entirely?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           It is a little known fact that I want to be a writer. I have only ever wanted to be a writer, however circumstances and my fear have stopped me from doing it until now. Just a few months ago I decided to go for it. My best friend and I fear soul mate for lack of a better term, was the person in my entire 30 something years has encouraged me to write. I have been told throughout my life that writing is a hard nut to crack. I was even told by a Speaker that came to my school in my Senior year ( he was supposed to motivate us) that I should give up that dream and try a safer profession. Really, he was supposed to be there to help us not crush our dreams. Who hired him anyway? Add to that, that I had a parent that never saw the good in me and told me on so many occasions I wouldn’t amount to anything. After 18 years of hearing that you kinda start to believe it. Fast forward to today in the here and now. I was in a rut and decided it was time to get my feet in the water, I decided to start a blog. If nothing else at least I am writing, right. However every blog site I went to costs, a lot. Discouraged once again, I was telling a co -worker about how I felt like I needed to start  writing but couldn’t find a free blog site. (I can’t afford to pay for it). The thing she said next sent a chill down my spine.  It wasn’t a bad chill, it was the kind of chill you get when you know something important is about to take place. That gut instinct that tells  you “here’s your sign”. She said ” I have a blog and it is free. So she gave the blog site of course we all know it as WORDPRESS.COM.  I came home and immediately signed up and within minutes, an OBSESSION was born. Since then there have been several signs that just keep pointing me to write. It is like the Universe is saying it wasn’t time before, but now it is.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               I started writing but soon got distracted with life and other things, and so I stopped for a bit. Then I found the DAILY POST. I started writing off of the prompts and it has renewed a vigor in me I haven’t felt in years. I am obsessed, possessed even. I can’t wait to see what the daily prompt will be and I find myself consumed with the posts in my head at work. I have even started to write other things not just the prompts. The feel of the keyboard beneath my fingertips as they fly through the words it is an amazing feeling. Writing for me is about changing the story so everyone gets a happy ending. It is about changing how someone views things  going on in the world, and a little bit of fantasy. I can go into a world where the good guy always wins and the bad guy always gets what he deserves in the end. It is an obsession that until now has never shown itself. I am glad it showed when it did because even if I never become famous or have a best seller. It is a deep connection I have now found with myself. The flood gates have opened and I know I can never shut them again. This has been my one true passion since I learned how to hold a pencil in my hand and write my own name. I am grateful to all the people that has come into my life. I now feel they were put in my path to get me to this point. The one thing that drives me in the morning when I wake up,(if I ever get to sleep, that is) WRITING. I find eating, dreaming, and even bathing I am thinking about writing. What can I add to that story or what can I change here. It has become the thing that drives me daily. When I am not writing I feel guilty like I am cheating on my writing doing anything else, even working. However my future plays out with writing it doesn’t matter, I have found peace at last in my OBSESSION. How many people out there can say that?                                                                                                                                                                                                 <a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/forward-drive/”>Forward Drive</a>


4 thoughts on “OBSESSED

  1. A very moving post, especially considering that people had written you off as a writer, you are now through your blog proving how wrong they were. People never realise the demage they cause to somone when they say things like you will never make it. I am glad I stopped by and read your post which is well written.I wish you all the best in your writing.


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