Slim Pickings Secrets Part 3

As they made their way back up to the upper level of the house, Carolyne wished she could read minds. Sam looked pissed more pissed than she had ever seen him. She didn’t know if he was aware of it or not but he was growling under his breath a low rumble from his chest. If she didn’t know he would never hurt her she would almost be frightened of him right now. His hands were turning from claws to fingers, claws to fingers, as he stomped up the secret stairs to come out underneath the staircase on the main floor. Seth walked in and slowed to a stop. “Hey I have been looking for you guys everywhere, where in the hell have you been”. He spit out hackles rising at the sight of his big brother, barely  holding onto control of his Wolf. “We need to go see our father right now” Sam sputtered out in between his fangs coming in and out of his mouth. “Uh. Ok. But first I think you need to calm down buddy”. Seth said glancing at Carolyne as if to say what the hell happened to him. “It is a long story Seth but you are right he needs to calm down before he goes and does something he will regret later” she said tone gone soft, as she gently  touched Sam and he whirled around to look her in the eyes. She very carefully reached up to cup his cheek and whispered “Listen to me ,we will get our answers but it will do you no good to go in there with this rage on the surface, please calm down my Wolf so we can discuss a plan of attack and fill Seth in”. As she stroked his cheek she could see his breathing returning to normal and the claws and teeth were no longer appearing at random. She walked into his arms and wrapped her arms around his waist and just like that he was her Sam again. A split second later he was crushing her to him and breathing her in. He never knew  that all these years just her touch would be able to calm his Wolf, so quickly, in that moment he was grateful for her. She was his lifeline in the stormy seas, his anchor, his rock. His brother didn’t have a clue what he was missing not claiming his mate. He thought just a moment ago he was going to have to kill his father now all he wanted to do was drag his mate to their bedroom and make sweet passionate love to her. He could not possibly fathom loving someone more. All to quickly she pulled away and reached for his hand as their fingers intertwined she walked into the open living room. Followed by Seth and Sam. They sat on the couch still holding hands and Seth sat in the big overstuffed chair next to them.They relayed all the information to Seth. The secret room, the secret library, the note from her father, the note from his father, everything. By the time they were done Seth looked about as shell shocked has they had been. He started to speak but then closed his mouth. This was very surreal for the first time in a month her would be brother in law was speechless. Sam handed him the book and he cautiously took it and flipped it open. Fingering the note written in his father’s handwriting, Seth looked at his brother and said ” Well now I can see why you were so pissed, I think we need to visit our father too, promise me you will hear him out though”. Sam nodded in agreement and they all rose at the same time to get geared up for a visit with the Alpha male. Getting into Sam’s Jeep they each had their own backpack with guns, and knives,and a little cocktail of truth serum (just in case). They drove through the back woods to get to the highway beyond. They drove through the little sleepy town in silence. Passing the Coffee Shop Carolyne whipped her head around to get a look inside as they whizzed past it. She missed working there but with everything going down the way it had, Sam thought it would be safer for her to stay hidden in their little hideaway. Now that they had a security room the Mansion would be impenetrable. She thought about Sam’s father’s note to her father, could he have known about her parents death before anyone else? The better question was could he have prevented it? She would soon get some answers. She was now nervous about officially meeting the Alpha, she always thought he was so handsome but very intimidating, now knowing he was not only a Wolf but the leader of Sam’s clan her tension went up a level. Sensing her discomfort Sam reached over and squeezed her hand. “It will be okay,we should finally get some answers” he said squeezing her hand tighter. Man would she ever get used to that him knowing exactly what she was thinking all the time. She gave him a half smile and nodded, as they got the the edge of town and started to climb she asked “How long before we get there”. “Well we have about another thirty miles in the woods” he said. “Your father wasn’t the only one with land”. Grinning that Wolfish grin at her she started to giggle like a school girl. Damn it what this man did to her. A time later after they went from the highway back to gravel roads down to dirt roads he finally started slowing down onto a well worn patch of grass. They were in the Mountains but she could not discern where. Sam came to a stop and said” We are here we walk the rest of the way”. “Are you kidding me she gasped how far into the woods are we going”. He just smiled and pulled her out of the Jeep,and grasped her hand to continue walking. After about a half a mile through nothing but trees and dirt they finally came to a clearing across it was the biggest log cabin she had ever seen. At least three stories high. She was in awe of this place. They all three approached the front steps and the door swung open to reveal a six foot plus older version of Sam. Brutally sexy. With his coal black hair now streaked with silver he still had that superior air about him with that mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes, He eyed his son’s warily and said”  Sam, Seth I have been waiting for you”………………….


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