Slim Pickings Part 12

Carolyne stepped out into the spacious living room armed and dangerous. Sam, never thought she looked hotter. He followed behind her, head spinning. How the hell did this beauty from small town Slim Pickings have an arsenal in her closet? The bigger question was why? She radiated danger and hotness. She was determined to break this thug if it was the last thing she did. He didn’t disagree she deserved to know the story behind her parents death. She stepped closer to the man she had dubbed Igor and slapped him hard. He spun his head back around to her, glaring, gray wolf eyes. “Now Igor we can do this the easy way or the hard way your choice”. He spit daggers at her and spoke for the first time ” You know, little girl I think when I get free I am going to kill you first and make your boyfriend here watch” he hissed out. Instead of shrinking back she got face to face with him and said “I guess it’s the hard way then” as she jabbed the needle into the exact spot on his neck, she had stabbed him earlier. He yowled in pain but couldn’t move due to his restraints. She laughed then, a menacing laugh. It sent chills down Sam’s spine. He was so glad she was on his side. “Now tell me when I’m getting warm, you killed my parents, you tried to kill the man I love several times and to top it off you kidnapped me, am I right. Igor spit at her but the drugs were starting to set in, the spit just dribbled down his scraggly beard. “Cat got your tongue, or do I need to let the wolf have it. You might as well spill all” she said running her blade down his front popping buttons as she went toying with him “because one way or another you will answer my questions” she whispered as she stabbed  him in the leg with the blade. He screamed a blood curdling scream leaving the knife in his leg she just smiled a wicked evil grin. “You know you have no one to blame but yourself for my actions, killing off and trying to kill off everyone I have ever loved, then the kidnapping has finally pushed me to my limit” she said sounding bored. “So Igor tell me what is your real name, let’s start there”. He sputtered out “you don’t want to know,who I am ,you won’t be able to handle it”  “she looked at him skeptical said “Try me” as she leaned closer to him and looked him in his eyes, he visibly flinched. She could tell her father’s torture tactics were starting to work. Begging her he said “Please take the knife out”.”Oh begging already” she smirked, “I’ll tell you what Igor if you tell me your real name I will take out the knife” He looked at her like he wasn’t sure if she was going to hold up her end of the deal. ” Ok” he grated out now sweat pouring off his forehead. “My name is Max Dunbar”  he said for everyone to hear. She gasped and the look on her face was one of confusion. “My dad’s old partner Max Dunbar, but ,but he died before I was born”. She stuttered out. ” No your dad  lied to you about so many things girl, forty years ago while in the CIA we got recruited into a secret government program. “It was the testing and killing of Werewolves” he said as he looked at Sam for the first time since she started torturing him. “Lies” she said  “My father would never allow anything so sinister to happen” she shouted now glaring at him. “Your right” he said “but the father you had and the man I was partnered with so long ago were two very different men. ” He was a soldier first and foremost and the government had lied to us they said that the Wolves were unnatural creatures, that they were a science experiment gone wrong. So we did what we did to protect our fellow Americans” he took a breath and continued. “There was an accident one day, I got bit by a Wolf it was crazy and attacking anything that moved. By the time he was put down it was to late for me I was already starting to turn. Due to the chemicals in the Wolf’s system we had been pumping into him, I received some pretty odd side effects that turned out to be not side effects, but now part of my DNA. There are parts of me now that will never be human again” he stated. ” Your father was supposed to take me to the woods and dispose of me, but when it came time to do it, he couldn’t. He let me go the stupid son of a bitch, instead he immediately retired and  forgot all about it. I had to kill him, don’t you see, I found him after all those years, he was happy with a wife and daughter about to graduate high school, it was like he had never been apart of the horrible things we had done”. She sat back on her heels on the floor in front of him, “you are crazy aren’t you” she whispered. ” You could have gotten help, why kill the only man that would have understood” Before he could answer a shot fired through the window and Sam threw her to the floor. Saying “I’m ok “she looked up to  find Max wasn’t, he was bleeding from a gaping wound in his chest. She screamed ” No” and lunged  to stop the blood that was now gushing in between her fingers. He whispered something she couldn’t understand, and came closer until she was a hair from his mouth. “Soooo beautiful” he whispered, “there are many, many more of them they will not stop until your all dead, trust no one”. As he said the last, he slumped forward having bled out literally in her hands. “Well, I got some answers, but there are many, more questions now” as she burst into tears, again………


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