Slim Pickings Part 11

By the time they got Igor (as she was affectionately calling her abductor) back to her house and restrained, Carolyne was exhausted. She went to the shower to get away from everything and to feel normal for a while. She was finding it hard to believe that just twenty- four hours ago her life had been turned upside down and changed forever. She turned on the water and while she waited for it to get warm looked at herself in the tiny mirror above her sink. She looked terrible, her hair was now a thick mess of leaves ,twigs, and matted dried blood. She had a bluish black bruise down her left check where she passed out after finding Sam the Wolf in her bed and there were tiny cuts all over her arms and shoulders that were now dried and hardened. One lone tear traced down her face she had been through a lot in the last twenty-four hours and the stress of it all was taking its toll. The mirror started to steam which meant her water was ready. She stepped into the spray and flinched it felt like a  thousand tiny razors blades hitting her flesh where all the cuts were. She sat in the back of the tub brought her knees up to her chest and started sobbing. She cried for her parents, she cried for Sam, and she cried for her body that felt like it was broken. With these cuts opening up her flesh, opened up old wounds of her parents death, she thought were healed. I guess losing a loved one you never really stop mourning, she thought. She was so busy crying she didn’t hear Sam come in the door. He pulled the shower curtain wider and his heart plummeted. The woman he loved was in pieces , gently rocking a sobbing.He stopped short, the woman he loved wow the realization that he really did love her hit him like a ton of bricks. He knelt down by the tub and gently pulled her arms away from her knees, she looked up into his beautiful eyes and began to cry harder. She reached up and clung to him, she would never let him go the thought of almost losing him even before she had the chance to love him chilled her. “It’s ok honey, I’m here now” he said “I will never let anything bad happen to you again” he croaked out. She stopped crying to look into his eyes and saw the shimmering light of tears. She realized he was terrified he would lose her too. “I love you” she blurted out before she could help herself. He smiled and said “I love you too. I have loved you all my life you are my heart Carolyne and no one is going to try and take you away from me again”. ” Is that your wolf talking or you” she whispered.  He gently lifted her chin up to meet her eyes.”That is the man and the wolf talking for we are one and the same” he stated simply. She half smiled and before she could think further he kissed her gently and tenderly. She was instantly aflame with desire, As his tongue gently stroked the inside of her mouth she pictured it stroking other parts. All to quickly he released her and set her away from him. ” I am trying to be a gentleman, your hurt but man what you do to me” he said tone gone husky. Having said that her eyes dropped to his crotch where in fact she could tell he was very affected. He turned the shower off and plugged the tub so it would fill up. “I can however give you a bath to clean you up” his tone dropping another octave. Why did she have a feeling she was in for a treat. “I am very, very dirty” she said voice gone husky as well. ” Silence, if you keep talking dirty to me I won’t be able to restrain myself” he said sharply. She gave him a dirty look but the smile that quirked at the corners of her mouth told him she was teasing him. He made quick work of her hair gently lathering and scrubbing away all the blood and gunk from her hair. They both winced  when he grazed the goose egg on her head from being knocked out. “Sorry” he muttered but continued. He lathered up her puff she had laying there with soap that smelled of honeysuckle and lavender. As he started gently soaping her up, with one hand the other hand began to travel. Caressing her gorgeous breasts along the way to that sweet nectar he was searching for. She was already moaning from his fingers touching, but when he grazed her clit she was almost outdone. He probed her outer walls with his index finger and found she was already wet for him. He smiled and leaned over to clasp one bright beaded nipple in his hot mouth covering and sucking as his fingers found there way inside her. His fingers were sliding in and out of her slick hotness. as he made love to her breast with his mouth. The gentleness and the tenderness of his actions were to much to handle. She came with a slow steady heat starting at her belly and rising, as she opened her mouth to scream he covered her mouth with his swallowing her scream into his Wolf. She must have passed out for a second in the aftermath because, when she became aware of everything again she was clean, and he was letting the water drain. He helped her stand and wrapped a big white towel around her, that had just materialized out of nowhere. He helped her dry off and bandage all of her cuts. He brushed her hair and left it down. She could get used to this side of Sam, she had never seen his gentle side before. He helped her get dressed, she let him pick out the clothes. It was interesting the things he chose to pick out for her. she had on worn daisy dukes a half tank that barely covered her breasts, and cowboy boots, and of course she gleaned by now he loved her waist length hair down so that’s the way it stayed. Look at her already changing her style for her man. Who was she becoming? She didn’t care, she knew from here on out she was in for a hell of a ride. She stood and went to the back of her closet. “What are you doing” he said confused. “I have a panic room back here, full of weapons of mass, destruction or torture” she snickered. She pushed some buttons on the back wall and a door opened up to reveal a small armory. She wasn’t joking there was every gun you could think of, with all the ammo to match. There was a whole wall of just knives, some of those blades were pretty wicked looking. Who was this woman he loved? Seeing this room turned him on. “Where? What? I don’t even know what to say to this” he said. “close your mouth wolf and suit up” She said as she took out a case full of needles and vials of different colored liquids. She picked a blue one and started, adding it to a syringe. She looked at him then with a new determination on her face. “Truth serum, we will get this mother fucker to talk one way or another” she stated. She finished with the serum and loaded up a couple of handguns in her boots, in her bra and lethal looking blade in her hand. She was loaded for bear. as he quickly added a couple of guns and a knife to his attire, following after her he said”God I love you”. she whipped around to smile  that brilliant smile at him and shut the panic room door. With  the knife in one hand and the syringe in another she said “Have you ever heard a pig squeal Sam” as he shook his head in awe, she said “Well we are going to go make a Wolf squeal”, as they headed back into the living room. He shivered at her menacing tone and thought thank God she was on his side, he was going to enjoy every minute of this……….


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