Slim Pickings Part 4

“How the hell did this happen” Carolyne said, “and how the hell am I supposed to get Sam into the house”. He was dead weight after all, speaking of dead she needed to get him bandaged up before he bled out in her lap. Somehow she raised him up and as she stood he started to regain consciousness. She told him to lean on her and they walked into the house together . She got him to the bedroom and very carefully laid him on the bed and covered him up, just as he passed out again. She raced to the bathroom to collect her First Aid Kit. By the time she came back he was awake again and thrashing. Like he was fighting someone. She ran to his side and felt his head he was burning up, no wonder he was thrashing about, he was delirious. She turned to get the phone on her side table and he grabbed her arm. “Please don’t call anyone,” he whispered voice sounding like gravel. “But, but  you need a doctor”. she said. “NO ONE, promise me CC” he croaked out. Her heart gave a flutter at the nickname he had given her in grade school. “Okay, okay I will not call anyone but I do need to bandage you up” she stated flatly. He nodded and slowly released her arm. Reassured that she wasn’t going to call the cops or a doctor he passed out again. Good she needed to try and take out the bullets, she didn’t know if she could do it if he was awake. The blood was flowing easily enough, she had to get this done before he bled out in her bed. Of all the fantasies she had of him in her bed, this was so not one of them. She grabbed the tweezers off her night stand and started digging around for the first bullet it was on his upper right pectoral. It was right on the surface, it looked like it was pushing it’s way out of him, odd. 
Why and who could possibly want to kill him. I mean he was an asshole to her, but the most she wanted to do is slap him in his pretty little face. She finally got the bullet out and almost fainted at the sucking sound it made as it was released from his flesh. She dropped it in the metal tray she had grabbed from the bathroom and turned to start on the next bullet. Realizing how the bullet  dropped like a rock in the tray she turned back to inspect it further. As the only child of a very avid hunter she was well educated on all things guns and bullets. She had never seen one like this it was solid gold with a silver tip and very, very large. Maybe Sam just got in the path of a hunter hunting a  Mountain Lion or something. Even as she thought it she knew that wasn’t true, this size bullet would obliterate a Mountain Lion. If someone was truly after him why wasn’t he dead. These bullets would have surely killed him. She turned back to the task at hand and made quick work of the rest of the bullets concentrating only on getting them out otherwise she would have thrown up several times by now. There were four in all and once they were out she started wrapping the wounds the blood on the top one where she had started, had already stopped oozing blood, like they were already healing. Stranger and stranger this whole thing was so surreal. Carolyne finished the last of the bandages,  went to the bathroom to get a towel to soak and put on his head to hopefully calm down the fever. She sat back in the chair she had pulled next to the bed and watched him. His breathing became regular and from the looks of it, the fever was breaking. Thank God no major arteries were hit by any of the bullets. Speaking of bullets she took them into the living room and got on her computer she was going to look up what these particular bullets were used for. After about thirty minutes of looking around on the net she found it and was shocked. They were used to hunt wild Wolves for their fur. What? Of all the things her father and her had hunted while she was growing up Wolf was never one of them. A loud crash sounded from the bedroom, drawing her attention back to the room. She ran in and opened the door wider to find not a Mountain Lion but a great big black Wolf, with moss green eyes. Sitting on her bed where Sam used to be. She managed a “what the fuck”, before the hardwood floor came up to meet her as she fainted……..


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